• UK BASED DIPLOMA UK Automobile Engineering Courses Alternative Fuels and Energy Systems Al
  • UK BASED DIPLOMA UK Automobile Engineering Courses Alternative Fuels and Energy Systems Al

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UK BASED DIPLOMA UK Automobile Engineering Courses Alternative Fuels and Energy Systems Al

Mianwali, Pakistan



Core Automobile Engineering Courses

Alternative Fuels and Energy Systems

Alternative Sources of Energy

Applied Thermal Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

Automotive Aerodynamics

Automotive Air-Conditioning

Automotive Chassis

Automotive Electrical Systems

Automotive Engine Systems

Automotive Pollution and Control

Automotive Transmission

Basic Engineering

Biology for Engineers


Combustion Engineering

Computer-Aided Design and Analysis

Computer-Aided Design Laboratory

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Computer Simulation of IC Engine Processes

Economics and Principles of Management

Electronics and Instrumentation

Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory

Engine and Fuel Testing Laboratory

Engine Reconditioning Laboratory

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Mechanics

Facilities Planning

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Power Control

Foundry Engineering

Fuel Cell Technology

Fundamentals of Vibration and noise

Gas Turbine Technology

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Safety and Environment

Instrumentation and Control

Machine Dynamics Laboratory

Machines and Mechanisms

Manufacturing and Assembly Drawing

Manufacturing Process Laboratory

Manufacturing Technology

Marketing and Sales Management

Material Management

Material Science

Materials Technology


Mechanics of Solids

Microprocessor Application in Automobiles

Microprocessor-Based System Design

Modern Manufacturing Techniques

Modern Vehicle Technology

Non-Traditional Machining Techniques

Numerical Methods

Off-road Vehicles

Physics Laboratory

PLC and Data Acquisition Systems

Precision Engineering

Principles of Environmental Science

Process Planning and Cost Estimation

Production Management

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Strength of Material Laboratory

Supply Chain Management

Theory of Automotive Engines


Tool Engineering and Design

TQM and Reliability Engineering

Tractor and Farm Equipment’s

Two and Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Vehicle Body Engineering and Safety

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Performance Characteristics

Vehicle Testing Lab

Vehicle Transport Management

Automobile Courses: Disciplines

Here are some of the major topics covered in the Automobile courses:

Vehicle Systems Design: In automobile courses, design and placement of various subsystems of a vehicle is of the utmost importance. Researchers experiment with multiple vehicle systems design according to the type and build of a vehicle

Safety: Vehicle designing is incomplete without the inclusion of primary as well as innovative safety provisions. Crash testing, automatic brake systems, airbags are being used extensively by companies to engineer quality and safely-built vehicles.

Energy Systems: Questions of energy efficiency, energy generation, and energy storage are dealt with by engineers in this subject. With the changing scenario of global energy systems, automobile courses are trying to equip students with the tools that would help them in building new-age energy solutions.

Manufacturing: Under this subject head, a lot of time is devoted to the existing manufacturing strategies being practiced by companies. This is done along with sharing of knowledge on visual appeal, quality, cost, materials, etc. Materials and composites are also given an introduction.

Global Operations: This is a supplemental course which intends to give a broad overview of important allied operations including but not limited to lean production systems, manufacturability, corporate strategy, economics, environment, and legal ethics and supply chain management.



Biochemical Engineering

Mechatronic System Design


Dynamic Systems

Marine Systems

Laser Material Processing


Other Career Options in this field are:

Performance engineer




Safety Engineer

Marine automobile engineer

Aerospace engineer

Emissions engineer

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