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Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 0349502

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Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 03495021336 Diesel Course Syllabus Information whatsapp: +923035530865, 03219606785, 03495021336

Diploma in Auto & Diesel Technology || Auto & Diesel Technology

The Auto Diesel Technology Diploma program gives you the skills and experience you need to be a successful auto mechanic. Hands on experience is essential to learning about various automotive technologies such as hydraulics, electricity, welding, air intakes, brake repair, and engine building. Diploma in Automotive and Diesel Technology His program prepares for a career as an auto mechanic. The job is highly technical in nature and requires extensive training and experience. A degree ensures that you have the necessary skills and shows employers that you are suitable for the position.

Auto Diesel Engineering Course Outline:

1:Introduction to Diesel Engine

2:Engine Operating Principles

3:Cylinder Block & Heads

4:Crankshaft & Bearing

5: Camshaft, Gear Train & Timing

6:Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies

7:Introduction to Electrical System

8:Introduction to Fuel System


On successful completion of this course, the trainee should be able to:-

1. Adopt the workshop safety precautions.

2. Over haul the petrol and diesel engines safely.

3. Check cylinder compression, vacuum and leakage.

4. Service Turbo charger.

5. Check and service the emission controls.

6. Wire up and checking of electronic fuel injection system.

7. Install and adjust CNG system.

8. Dismantle, check, assemble and set the inline fuel injection freep and

rotary oil pump.

9. Wire up and checking of electronic ignition system.

10. Service the automatic transmissions.

11. Service the constant velocity joints.

12. Service the Anti Brake Skidding.

13. Service the constant velocity joints.

14. Check and adjust wheel alignment angles.

15. Perform simple exercises in auto electricity.

16. Check and charge the battery.

17. Service the starting system and charging system.

18. Make Wiring of various electrical circuit of a car.

19. Service heating and air conditioning system safely

On successful completion of this course, the trainee should be able to: –

1. Explain the petrol / diesel engines troubles, causes and remedy to troubles.

2. Explain the engine parts, failure of engine.

3. Define the purpose and construction and function of followings: –

i. Turbo chargers / super chargers

ii. Emission controls system

iii. EFI system

iv. CNG system

v. Diesel fuel injection system

vi. Electronic ignition system

vii. Automatic transmission

viii. Constant velocity joints

ix. ABS

x. Power steering

xi. Wheel alignment

4. Explain the basic electricity.

5. Explain the purpose, construction, and function of battery, starting system

and charging system.

6. Narrate various electrical and electronic components.

7. Explain the principle, purpose, construction of heating and air conditioning 



Course specific safety

History and evolution of automotive suspension systems

Wheel bearing types

Tire and wheel design and repair

Four-wheel drive front end systems

Suspension electrical and electronic system design and operation

Four-wheel alignment

Spring types

Shock absorber and strut design types

Suspension angles; i.e. camber, caster, and toe.

Internal Combustion Engine.

Automotive Electricity and Electronics.

Basic Engineering Drawing and CAD – I.

Applied Mechanics.

Industrial Management & Economics.


Problems in Internal Combustion Engine.

Suspension, Steering & Brakes.

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