• Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 034950
  • Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 034950

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Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 034950

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Auto Diesel Engineering Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan +923035530865, 03219606785, 03495021336 Diesel Diagnostic EngineersDiesel Course Syllabus whatsapp: +923035530865, 03219606785, 03495021336

The main aims of the Field are to:

•Provide a structured and progressive programme that enables participants to obtain a professional qualification and gain the necessary skills to meet the diverse needs of the Automotive Industry in general and the Diesel specialist in particular;

•Produce Diesel Diagnostic Engineers / Specialists who are able to be effective in industry;

•Provide the specialist knowledge which employers require and underpin it with broad-based academic learning;

•Provide active links between the students academic study and work experience and to provide credit for that experience;

•Provide an academic award for learning in the field of Automotive Engineering (Diesel Technology);

•Provide a suitable progression route to an honours degree programme, the educational base for automotive type programmes and enter a life long learning curve of achievement;

•Enhance the learning experience through joint delivery of the programme with an industrial partner(s);

•Enable the students to communicate information in a variety of forms to specialist and non-specialist audiences and to deploy key techniques of the discipline effectively;


1.Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of the Foundation Degree all students will be able to demonstrate an appropriate depth of knowledge and understanding of:

•Fundamental theoretical principles that underpin both engineering in general and Automotive engineering and Diesel Technology in particular;

•The mechanical principles, engineering science, thermodynamics and mathematics that underpin Automotive technology;

•Engine and vehicle technology;

•The workings of individual sub system components;

•Diesel technology and diagnostics;

•Computer applications in Automotive Engineering;

•Vehicle electrical and electronic systems;

•Materials technology as applied to Automotive applications;

•Manufacturing technology as applied to the Automotive industry;

Engineering design;

•Technical and non-technical subjects associated with engineering;

•The latest literature in the field;

•Human factors and safety management systems.

2.Cognitive (thinking) Skills

On completion of the field students will be able to:

•Apply acquired knowledge in order to identify unserviceable components, equipment and systems; 

•Apply acquired knowledge to enable effective diagnosis and proposal of solutions to faults;

•Apply acquired knowledge in the pursuance of product development and improvement;

•Assemble data from a variety of sources and discern and establish connections;

•Critically analyse, evaluate and interpret evidence underpinning practice and initiate appropriate changes;

•Demonstrate the ability to be independent, autonomous learners.

3.Practical Skills

On completion of the field students will be able to:

•Carry out subject related practical work safely and understand safety requirements;

•Undertake skilled competent, safe, evaluative reflective practice;

•Use tools, test equipment and manuals to carry out practical tasks on a comprehensive range of Automotive vehicles and Diesel components / systems;

•Work effectively as an individual and member of a team;

•Work effectively and safely applying transferable skills to the management of individuals, with continual analysis and evaluation of outcome and appropriate modification of intervention;

•Make evaluative judgements on system failures and report the  findings accordingly;

•Collect data effectively from an individual and evaluate and interpret findings appropriately;

•Critically analyse, evaluate and interpret the evidence underpinning practice and initiate appropriate changes;

•Contribute effectively to the safe maintenance of Automotive Vehicles and Diesel systems within the framework of a professional team;

•Understand and value the contributions of others;

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